Nevix's Rules & Regulation

Film, Music, Dance, Theatre, Art, Design, Photography and Publishing.
Projects have end-outcomes which are specific and time-bound. For e.g., a film, a book, a food truck, a mobile app or a dance event. We do not support fundraising to grow existing companies, i.e., pay salaries, buy ads, etc.
People like to fund interesting ideas, ideas that banks or investors are too scared to fund. Wishberry is a space to prove your ideas and retain creative control, so make sure it’s something different.
Showing your project’s work-in-progress increases your credibility in the eyes of funders, especially those who don’t know you personally. Ask yourself, would you fund an idea that’s just on paper?
A pitch video is a must and we can’t stress its importance enough. Did you know that projects without a pitch video have a 90% chance of failure? Think of it this way, you go to watch a movie only when its trailer looks interesting, right? Similarly, a backer will fund your project only when you pitch it well.
Wishberry does not allow ‘flexible’ funding. We are not a platform where projects can raise funding indefinitely. You need to define your budget upfront and raise it within 60 days.
Funders on Wishberry want to support interesting ideas and the creative community. They don’t expect any financial return. But they must be rewarded with credits and exclusive access to the projects they are funding. After all, they’re making your dreams come true. Rewards such as early-bird copies, autographed or limited edition merchandize, invitations to the launch, personalized thank you messages, etc. encourage backers to support your project.
You get funded only if you have raised 100% or more of your funding goal. If not, the money goes back to the funders (Wishberry does not charge its commission if you don’t meet your target). Wishberry is a community of vibrant creators and funders, the incredibly stubborn lunatics who want to bring ideas to life. So let’s use the space wisely and honestly to make great things happen.